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Lack of skilled workers? Not with us!

Imagine that there are two countries with similar cultures. In one country there is a shortage of labour and in the other there is a shortage of skilled workers.

Imagine, the legal situation of both countries allows an influx of skilled workers (almost) without hurdles.

Imagine you have a strong partner who prepares and accompanies the specialists in terms of language, processes, culture, housing situation, visa. A partner who searches and tests the specialists for you locally, so that you can concentrate on your core business.

Imagine you have happy and grateful employees and promote successful integration and the exchange of cultures, without stress.

It is exactly the same to work with us!

Our specialists from Latin America are prepared for the German market in a specially developed program. They are the heart of our company and we support them with all means regarding language, processes, culture, living situation, visa and much more. The employees receive these services free of charge. We refinance ourselves through IT projects in Germany.

Basically our model contains different ways:

Specialists in Latin America in German remote projects (project work)
Specialists as working students/dual students in Latin America in German remote projects (project work)
Specialists as working students/dual students in projects in Germany (temporary employment)
Experts from Latin America in projects in Germany (temporary employment)
Promotion of IT talents in Latin America

Latin America is culturally closer to Germany.

Our experience shows that the integration of Latin American experts is much easier than the integration of experts from other cultures. This is initially due to a very similar, Christian-oriented value system, but also to similar linguistic and work-cultural prerequisites.

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